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Plush bunny with an art easel, making a colored pencil drawing of a dinosaur model


These whimsical images of stuffed animals enjoying moments of joy, contemplation, relaxation, and friendship will spark smiles, conversations, and imaginative story-telling, whether they arrive in the mail with a special note from a friend, or decorate the walls of a nursery, a waiting room, or a grown-up's office.

Photography by Christy Mooers.

Red, gray, and brown plush squirrels holding chestnuts around a coconut shell wagon with fall leaves all around
two puppet bunnies on a sled in the snow
plush squirrel and lion having a campfire on the beach
Plush bunnies silhouetted on a log watching the sun set over the ocean
Stuffed animal bunny sitting on a rocky and gazing out at the ocean
stuffed bunny and sloth camping and cooking food
stuffed animal bunny wearing a scarf and visiting a birdhouse between the roots of a mossy tree
small plush dinosaur climbing a plum tree and smelling the blossoms
Stuffed animal squirrel looking at his reflection in a pool of water
stuffed animal monkey swinging in a tiny hammock in a lush garden
puppet packrat with backpack looking into the distance over a cairn of rocks
plush squirrel holding a pine cone
teddy bear tossed up into a clear blue sky
Large groupl of stuffed animals lined up on a wooden bulkhead
black and white photograph of white teddy bear having tea in a field