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2022 wall calendar with white teddy bear on the cover


Nutmeg and Binky's is committed to supporting the welfare of our non-stuffed animal friends, and we donate 5% of each stuffed animal adoption, passport fee, and artwork sale to animal rescue and wildlife conservation organizations. Read more...

2022 Teddy Bear Wall Calendar

Twelve months of teddy bears in their natural habitats: arm chairs, hammocks, and pirate ships.

Price $20

SALE! $12

cover of 2022 teddy bear calendar with white teddy bear drinking tea in a meadow
three pirate teddy bears on a raft
Gund snuffles bear peeking through leaves
brown teddy bear looking at a butterfly in a garden
stuffed bear relaxing by a lake in a hammock
back of 2022 teddy bear calendar with all 12 images