Our Mission

At the core, we are a stuffed animal appreciation society with the mission of making the world a little kinder, cuter, sillier, and more inclusive. Read more...

Just For Kids?

It's not just for kids! In fact, one of our primary goals is to encourage "grown-ups" to explore the joys of stuffed animal companionship.


Humans can browse the profiles of our new and rescued stuffed animals in search of new friends. A portion of the adoption fees support animal welfare and conservation organizations.


We also make personalized Plushiestan Passports for any animals or toys who wish to be ambassadors of kindness and inclusivity, and to win the hearts of humans worldwide.

We hope you'll find something here that puts a smile on your face and leaves you with the feeling that the world is not such a cold and lonely place as it sometimes seems. Maybe you'll adopt a new friend, choose a whimsical print or calendar for your wall, or apply for a passport for one of your travel companions, supporting animal rescue organizations in the process. You might read some of the articles and stories we've collected about the benefits of stuffed animal companionship, and how it's not just for kids. Maybe you'll be inspired to pull your beloved teddy bear out of the closet and give them a good hug. Or perhaps you'll simply peruse our photo gallery or find us on Instagram for a little dose of silliness and whimsy.

Whether you're a lifelong stuffed animal lover, you're "shopping for someone else," or you're a total skeptic who suspects we are all a bit nuts (we are!), you are welcome here, and you're not alone!

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