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Plushiestan Passports

Stuffed animal with custom passport
Customized toy passport for stuffed animal
Stuffed bunny with official plushie passport
Toy stuffed animal passport with spaces for stamps
Statement of plushie values in toy passport

How to Order

Take a photo of yourself on a solid color, contrasting background, and upload it using the button below. (We will remove the background.) Make sure not to cut off your ears, antennae, or other appendages! Then, fill in the following fields with your personal information. If you are unsure about any of the answers, you can make it up or enter "unknown."

Price: $16.00

Travel worry-free with a Plushiestan passport! Each passport features a heavy cardstock cover with gold foil crest, a statement of plushie values, lots of room for entry and exit stamps, background images and quotations from notable plushie citizens, and a personalized page with your photo, name, and other identifying information. Nutmeg and Binky, Plushiestan ambassadors and passport agents, are official representatives of His Majesty King Fluffy.

About Plushiestan

For those not previously familiar with Plushiestan, it's more of a concept than a physical country. Plushiestan citizenship is available to any toy that wishes to be an ambassador of kindness and inclusivity across national borders. (Though the name implies stuffed animals, you don't actually need to have fur or stuffing!)


Contrary to popular belief, passports aren't just for plushies who travel with small children. In fact, one of Nutmeg and Binky's main goals is to encourage adult humans to feel more confident about appearing in public with their stuffed animal companions. This is one of the main ways in which plushiekind can spread smiles and become conduits for humans to understand and connect with each other.

We would love to keep up with your travels! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram, or use #plushiestanpassport to keep us in the loop.

Animals in Need

Nutmeg and Binky's is committed to supporting the welfare of our non-stuffed animal friends, and we donate 5% of each stuffed animal adoption, passport fee, and artwork sale to animal rescue and wildlife conservation organizations. Read more...