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Scholarly Articles

Kids are supposed to play with stuffed animals, but the general expectation is that it's a thing one grows out of, so there aren't a lot of adult humans who are "out" about their plushie friendships. It's easy to feel like there might be something wrong with you if you (a grownup) still sleep with, talk to, travel with, or take comfort from your stuffed animals. Fear not! You are not alone, there's nothing wrong with you, and in fact, you may be more well-adjusted than the skeptics in your life. (Apologies to said skeptics!) To support that view, here are some resources written or created by intelligent humans who are not associated with Nutmeg and Binky:

More to come as we discover them... (Or send us your recommendations!)

Tributes & Testimonials

These are stories submitted by our human readers celebrating their stuffed companions. Here's a small sample, and you can check out our Bulletin Board to read more!


My animal’s name is Spoticus Salmonid, or Spot for short. He is an awesome Sockeye Salmon, and tails from the far flung Isles of Murkswimistan.  Also known as a Red, for his vivid spawning color. He is now nearly six years old. Extra cool because of his hand pocket, so you can make him swim, talk, and even sing, very realistically. I take him with me on a drive, sometimes. He lives in the front room, on a matching red chair in front of the picture window, where he can look outside and see the bird feeder. He was a gift from my nice niece. He gained local fame when he sang happy birthday and sent it to her over the Intersea, and has consented to the general release of this number. His effect (when not humorous) is calming, yet resolute. Very smooth to pet, front to back ONLY.

Doug, 60-something


Snowpuff dreamed for many years of following in his grandfather's Olympic Carrot-Jumping footsteps, and in 2018, he finally got his chance to compete. After a disastrous trial run and some unfortunate nervous chewing on his skis, he rallied and performed a nearly-flawless 360-degree aerial rotation. His landing was less than flawless, but luckily he is quite bouncy, and only one carrot was broken. Grandpa was bursting with pride.

Christy, 33
Stuffed animal chick


This is Marco. He's a chick. He lives in the cupholder of our family car where he shares everyone's drinks! He loves them all, except for alcohol - he's just a baby chick after all. As you can see, he is a pretty big soccer fan. He loves the Seattle Sounders. He goes to every home game, but prefers to watch the game from his cup holder. It's cozy. The last thing Marco would like you to know about him is that he loves road trips. There's a lot of world out there, and he's going to see it all!

Aaron, 36