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Frequently-Asked Questions

How does stuffed animal adoption work?

Shopping vs. Adoption

Technically, we "sell" stuffed animals, but we're more like an animal shelter than an online toy store. Have you ever had the experience of choosing a stuffed animal based on photos of a representative model and receiving an animal that fits the product description, but finding that it doesn't look quite like the model? Maybe the adorably crooked nose you fell in love with was just a quirk of the photo model, and is actually quite straight on the animal you received. Like animals of the non-stuffed variety, each plushie has unique physical characteristics, as well as its own personality and preferences.

We wanted to take a more personal approach. We have a limited number of adoptable animals at any given time, and each one has its own profile. This means that the animal you'll receive is the very same one whose photos and description captured your fancy. You are, of course, welcome to change their name if you choose.

Time Limit on Animals in Baskets

Because of the limitations of our online platform (vs. a physical adoption shelter), it is theoretically possible for two people to have the same plushie in their shopping baskets at the same time without knowing it. To minimize the chances of this happening, stuffed animals will only remain in baskets for 90 minutes, after which they become restless and hop out. If it should occur that two people try to adopt the same animal, we will have to honor the order that came through first, and will make every attempt to find a suitable substitute for the other person.

New vs. Rescued Stuffed Animals

Many stuffed animals at Nutmeg and Binky's have come to us directly from the manufacturer, and are ready to find their first home. Unless otherwise noted, it should be assumed that these plushies are safe for adults or children ages 3 and up. Though each photo and profile is unique, it is often the case that these animals have friends and relations who look quite similar, and we may be able to find a sibling or cousin for you if your dream animal has been adopted by someone else.

Other stuffed animals bear the label "rescue." These plushies have been previously-loved and were surrendered to us by families who could no longer give them the attention they deserve. They are looking for their next adventure! Because we don't always know their full background, each one is lovingly quarantined for a few weeks, just in case, and then treated to a bubble bath, some chocolate, and a story, before being photographed and put up for adoption. Please use your best judgement before giving a rescued stuffed animal to a small child.

I have some stuffed animals to give away. Can you take them?

Currently, the shelter is a bit overwhelmed with rescue animals, so we unfortunately can't take in anyone else at this time. We'll update this space if that changes!